Beta Reader

This is such a good topic to bring up, this won't be typical. I have several articles I found on it to share and then sharing what I have done as a writer so far to get my beta readers gathered. I knew at some point I would need beta readers. I always thought oh... Continue Reading →

Writing Toolbox 4.0

Ah tools to help us write. I've done a few other posts that were geared toward the writing toolbox feel free to check those out after reading this one. So, I came across this pin on pinterest ( cough) and thought it worth sharing.( you'll learn to love my obsession as much I do- if... Continue Reading →

Animal Companions

As writers, there are many areas of our lives that bleed into our writing for better or worse. One such topic that I'd like to touch upon today is our animal companions. I've written a few short stories here and there over the years with an animal being tied to the main character. I've always... Continue Reading →

Writing Toolbox 3.0

First thing is first! Revisiting Pinterest ( like I have posted before I have a "mild" obsession). And for a very good reason. If you aren't an avid Pinterest user you may be unaware that you are now able to create sections within a board of choice. This is perfect for organizing materials you may... Continue Reading →

Writing Toolbox 2.0

Social media is a big thing these days Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ ( I personally don't use it much but I know it's still active) to name just a few. They are there and there is something to be said about connecting to likeminded individuals through social media that can be truly helpful so as... Continue Reading →

Writing Toolbox 1.0

Hey everyone, I hope Monday finds you all well and ready to get the week started. I am working with my kiddo on homeschool ( our usual schedule), she works busily on an art project while I work on blog posts and other writerly things.  For today I'll concentrate on the writer's toolbox. What is in... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Continued…

Writes blog post about Pinterest and using it for writing helps. Doesn't post link to said board she mentions. Possibly an epic fail on my part? Are you on Pinterest? Do you write? Need some help? Tips? Tricks? Okay awesome, check out my board and share yours also. Lexx Writing Board -LexxWrites-

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